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what kind of f***ery is this?

I know this group has been a bit dead and I don't really have anything to debate so much as a WTF? type thing where folks are encouraging plagiarism.

Has anyone heard of 'thepublicswish' before? An author I had on alert got this message a few days ago and I was like 'really? this is a compliment?' the asshats are anon so you can't even report them but in the reviews someone said they've heard of this before but I never have and I follow some authors who don't update for almost years.

They seem to think that they're being cordial but the whole thing reads like a threat to me and I just thought I'd let it be known.

"thepublicswish 6/6/12 . chapter 20

We have been observing and waiting...Those who are kept waiting long enough could get creative and issue notices like the one below served to the author Tainted Angel. Consider this a compliment; your work is worth notice and followup.

We the public on fanfiction have been waiting for "Lauren a.k.a Tainted Angel" to finish "Tainted Angel" for years. The aforementioned author has had adequate time to finish this story. This is a clear case of story abandonment. *see fine print below* Further more in the case of said abandoned story: "Tainted Angel" we the public on fanfiction claim ownership of Tainted Angel and are donating its creative entirety to any accomplished author willing to finish this story.

*thepublicswish does not encourage or condone plagiarism of claimed,completed material by active or inactive writers on . The exception being with the express permission of owner or author(s)of abandoned incomplete material.

This public court finds this arrangement benefits all and could end the plagiarism epidemic currently causing many authors to delete major finished works."

Novel Collector

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering, anyone else have someone (HueyD) PM them asking you to sell the copyright of one of your stories to them? When I asked what they wanted to do with my story they said they were a 'novel collector'.

- Enigmatic Night.

What Causes Your Writer's Block?

I am currently suffering from Backspace Syndrome, the condition in which the pinky finger of my right hand involuntarily presses the backspace button, so often that any new words I have written for my story are erased. It doesn't just affect my creative writing. I have trouble writing short emails and LiveJournal posts. Seriously, I could only get through the first sentence of this post after deleting chunks of it more than 30 times.

Perfectionist, much? Oh yes. It's disheartening, frustrating, and annoying. The words that used to flow easily from my fingertips to the computer screen now come out at a stuttering pace before being taken out and pieced together again like a Frankenstein doll. And that's on a good day. In every other instance, they don't come out at all. I'm sure you writers have experienced this, too. Writer's block is just as problematic as it is universal. 

I categorized writer's block as a syndrome without giving it much thought. But if is in fact similar to a syndrome, writer's block therefore must have symptoms, treatments, and an underlying cause. We all know the symptoms of writer's block, but what about the actual cause? If you know the root of a problem, you can tackle it more efficiently than by treating the symptoms alone, right? 

I think the cause of my writer's block is performance anxiety. I posted a few chapters of my story on Fictionpress before realizing that an entire character arc needed to be rewritten from scratch. Now every time I sit down to write that arc--and upload it to the Internet because it's part of the newest chapterI can't even generate thoughts, let alone words. I'm paralyzed. I'm worried that I'll let down my readers with stilted dialogue and one-dimensional characters and plot failures. I'm afraid that my writing skills are weak at best, downright atrocious at worst. True to my thinking, my writing is just as self-conscious, stuttering and repeating itself, trying to get one sentence right but failing again and again. My compulsive use of the backspace key is just damage control. 

Now that I've found the cause of this condition, I think I have a prescription: for each writing session, I must gag my insecurities with mental duct tape and have fun. Back when I didn't have writer's block, I knew that  whatever I wrote could be revised later.  I had no reason to fear that my words were less than compelling, no worry that the plot wasn't moving, and no care whether or not my characters were Mary Sues. 51,287 words later, I had a first draft with compelling parts, a moving plot, and minimum Sue-ishness. Sure, flaws were in it, but the important part was that I was having too much fun writing it to care. It also helped that I had faith in my ability to churn out something worthwhile. That's a stark contrast to how I feel now, so I am determined to make the needed 180 in attitude and cure my Backspace Syndrome for good (well, for as long as I can).

Do any of you FPdebaters know the cause of your writer's block? What is it for you and how have you solved the problem? If you're still having trouble with it like me, I recommend reading this article: author Jaye Wells knows exactly what we're going through.

Is there any hope left ?

So...after a hiatus of about one year and a half  I decided to return to fictionpress and see what fabulous stories await me. Imagine my horror when I saw that now it is just a cemetery with the occasional ghost here and there. I haven`t managed to find one decent story, not to mention the orgy of stories that I had in mind. Also I couldn`t find an author that could compare with Myrika,lovelyhead or SouledChampion. I understand that people age and some lost interest and after the plagiarism fiasco a lot of good writers went to other sites but what about the fresh ones, the future generation?

            I feel heartbroken because I learned English through fictionpress and the stories where a marvelous way to cheer me up when life got too shitty for me. Then I thought “You always have skowawards, you are bound to find something good”, but even that  site is on hiatus.

I need your much needed help to find a couple of praiseworthy stories.


P.S. Hello! Glad to be a part of your community.

3rd Feb, 2011

Hey you guys,
i was just wondering does anyone know what's going on with FP removing that copyright thingle at the bottom of your stories and does it being gone really affect the state of ownership on what you upload?

I only realised because someone I'm following made a story about it explaining why they were removing their stories but I always thought that if you created it when it comes to something like art or literature you automatically own the copyright regardless of having a 'copyright' thingle no the bottom.


Hey kids, what's up?  Can we get a roll call?  Just curious.

I wrote this whole long thing about my relationship with fp and how essentially we've grown apart for years and how I should just cut my ties except I have a child (story) there so I'm going to finish that first before I can leave it for good.  And then I wrote why and stuff but essentially it doesn't  matter. I do appreciate what fp has done for me, and I can honestly thank that site for letting me fully realize how much writing is a part of my life.

But anyway, I still like to write, but I've matured out of fp- the site, the content, the emo teenagers.  Is there anyplace out there for post fp-ers like me who didn't jump onto the wagon during the last migration/ doesn't have enough/any followers/friends to support my own lj community dedicated to myself?  I would like to get into discussions about writing again, because I really miss that.

The biggest thing about fp that I truly enjoyed was the community, and how I essentially became friends with many people who followed my stories and vice versa, and how it spawned this comm and others, and how most of my lj friends are also fp-ers. 

Anyone else still writing out there? Any good comms still alive (including this one)?

Writers International Guild

The talk at  FictionPress at the moment is this: After last year's mass migration of authors to LJ communities or elsewhere, there are not enough good quality stories and authors left.

But we all know that is simply not true. There are new, budding talents that show a lot of promise, and that's not to say there aren't a few oldies who simply missed the spotlight.

WIG's mission is to showcase those talents and join them together in a community where quality matters over quantity. We're hoping to pick up from where the_b_u_g left off, with brand new authors and stories!

But we're just getting started, so we need a little support to succeed on our quest. We're in dire need of suggestions, so if you have read (or written) a story you feel should get more love than it currently receives, be sure to let us know! You can find all the details here.

Thank you very much,
Prue from WIG

Ever wondered...

So, we all know very famous authors at FictionPress. We know their stories, fave them and review them (and talk about them like crazy.) But haven't you ever noticed that they really don't review much? Have any idea why this is?

Bad Guys

I like villains. They put the cherry on top of any story flavoured cupcake.

What do you think makes a good villain?

The Fantasy Genre

Out of curiousity:

- What sort of fantasy novels do you enjoy reading? (Are they plot driven? Character driven? Based on action? Battle? Intrigue?)
- What sort of creatures do you like in the fantasy genre or would rather not see again?
- Is world building very important to you?
- Do you like elves? What about dragons?

For me, I find that the sort of fantasy I enjoy is very fast-paced. Fantasy seems to be a genre where I prefer to read about people doing things instead of sitting around thinking about me or delving into their inner thoughts / emotions. I think this is a genre where there is a great looming "threat" that chases the MC through twist and turns, to a final "confrontation" and then there may or may not be a resolution.

World-building is sometimes give or take. I am easily irritated by stories that have complex names and apostrophes like Da'Nearien or Tuua'lwia or something ridiculous. I think even simple names like "Mary" or "Daniel" can be fantasy if used appropriately. I also don't like having to flip to the appendix or to the world map every second page to keep track of this place or that place or this family or that family. World-building is sometimes overly confusing and contains unnecessary details. What I'm truly interested in is the story, and whether I am excited / anxious / happy / devastated for the MC and supporting characters.

What do you think?

Also, a side note: I seem to be getting a handful of people on FP (one every two or three weeks) PMing me and demanding that I go read their story. Is this happening to anyone? They may have found me on here or in a handful of other writing communities I am at, or somehow finding me SOMEWHERE. I'm not sure where these people are coming from, and then one of them actually asks that I sign up for an account at ANOTHER place to read it and only a teaser is available on FP because she is really afraid that someone will copy her story. If you need to spam people to read your story, then it's probably not worth stealing. Just my two cents.